Back When I Had TV On My Laptop/Desktop

blog026a.jpgAbout 7 years ago, I bought a Happagaue USB TV tuner stick for my desktop. This is one of my great experiments, or really crappy idea. Pick one.

I recently found the installation guide/user guide even though I sold the stick and software on Listia a year ago. The stick didn’t work on my Windows 8/10 laptop I had at the time. So, it became fodder for my “Why I still have this?” clean out.

When I had it, the TV stick was temperamental, mainly from the buggy software interacting with initially Windows XP, and then Windows 7 and the stick overheating all of the time. I fixed the overheating by zip tying a 486 CPU cooler fan on it. The cooler fan was powered by one of the power connections inside of the desktop I had at the time. The overheating was fixed, I think, with the later software updates. It was still buggy. The stick was attached using a pair of amplified “bunny ears” for over-the-air broadcast. The included telescoping antenna was non-amplified and inadequate out here in the country away from the big city.  It did came in handy, when attached to my laptop, fixing the aerial antenna in the house attic.


At the end of it all I did get something for it on Listia. Hopefully, the new owner has chucked it out yet because of all of its shortcomings.


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