Tonight, CBC Radio One Came In.

The stars, moon and every other thing was aligned to achieve this feat. CBC Radio One out of Kingston came in nice and clear. Out of all of my radios I own, it came in on my desktop HD radio. The little thing you can buy online for 25 dollar was pulling in a radio station from about 80 miles away from Victor. I am no stranger to Canadian radio. I listen to CJBQ 800 AM out of Belleville daily on my phone at work. This station has a very good oldies show every afternoon. I can get it in on my car radio throughout Rochester. I use to listen to CBC Toronto on 740 AM before the CBC changed to a lower power up the dial. Now, it Zoomer Radio, easy listening hits for the 55 and over crowd. The frequency is a 50,000 watt clear channel blow torch. It reaches 5 provinces and 20 US States. The CBC was ill advised to give up this frequency. I think is one of the few high powered AM stations in all of Canada.  Another station is Classic 96, again out of Toronto. I get it in at 103.1 FM, a relay station out of the east side of Toronto. They are also owned by the same people that own Zoomer Radio. I can listen to it pretty much anywhere in Rochester. Some days it comes in clear on my small portable radios. At night, most stations out of Canada are CBC French service mainly out of Quebec and I don’t speak or listen to French. One more thing for the bucket list. I do get CHML 900 AM out of Hamilton, that’s on low ceiling nights. Whenever was mentioned above is what I can get during the daylight hours. Its still amazing.

Back to getting in CBC Radio 1. Initially, I was still monkeying around with my desktop HD radio, trying to see what kind of other stations I can get in either with HD or regular tuning. It has been a struggle with getting and keeping HD radio station tuned and locked in for extended periods of time. I do get some signal fade out on the HD frequencies. The Lake out of Buffalo on 107.7 HD2 has been a challenge to tune in. Outside of attaching tinfoil to the antenna, the cause is lost. So, I found 107.5 CBC Radio One out of Kingston out of the blue one day. It was exciting. I was surprised I haven’t hit it before on my big radios with amplified antennas. It’s still only comes in on my desktop HD unit.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll try to tune in and listen for a spell. I will always listen to a radio station to see what it is all about. I did a quick search, and I cannot find a signal map for this station. If I can find one, I’ll add it to the post.

Items like this I would like to share and this blog is used to share this and my appetite for audio visual equipment. All of the stations mentioned in the post are linked to their respective websites. There is a lot of station name dropping in this post.


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